What is Christopher McCandless's relationship with his sister, parents, and Wayne Westerberg in chapters 1–3?

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In terms of this question, chapter 1 can almost be completely ignored. The entire chapter focuses on McCandless's interaction with Gallien in Alaska. McCandless's sister, his parents, and Westerberg are not discussed. The chapter does begin with Krakauer quoting a postcard that McCandless sent to Westerberg. The note mentions that McCandless thinks that he might die, and he specifically tells Westerberg that Westerberg is a great man. It shows that McCandless has a good enough relationship with the man to give him such a compliment.

Chapter 2 has no information about the people in question.

Chapter 3 is rich with information about Westerberg. McCandless's relationship with him is a solid relationship of mutual respect. Within three days of working for/with Westerberg, McCandless is told that he can work for Westerberg at any time. McCandless disappears for a few weeks and then comes back for work. McCandless greatly impresses Westerberg, and readers are told that a "lasting bond" is developed and McCandless becomes a part of their "surrogate family."

Regarding McCandless's relationship with his parents in this chapter, Krakauer makes it clear that McCandless was putting intentional distance between himself and them. There are a couple of times that McCandless's parents admit to being caught off guard by his actions or admit that they didn't quite understand him. It is clear that there is a disconnect between McCandless and his parents, but chapter 3 doesn't reveal to readers why that is. As for his sister, chapter 3 provides very little information about their relationship. The closest we get is the letter from McCandless to Carine that Krakauer includes in the text. The letter shows McCandless venting his frustrations about his parents. The letter clearly indicates that McCandless does not have a good relationship with his parents, but it does show that he is close enough to his sister to trust her with his thoughts.

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