Into the Wild Summary

Into the Wild summary

Chris McCandless moves to Alaska in the hopes of living a simple life free from the constraints of capitalism. After graduating from college, he gives away his savings and hitchhikes to Alaska, where he struggles to survive without the proper tools or training.

  • The story begins when an electrician picks up a hitchhiker who plans on living in the remote wilderness for three months with minimal gear or preparation. Four months later, the hitchhiker’s decomposing body is discovered inside of a bus. He had starved to death.

  • The narrative tells the story of the young man who perished in the wild: Chris McCandless.As a boy, Chris was fearless and adventurous. While in college, he learned that his father was living a double life with his former wife. Following this revelation, Chris became increasingly distant from his family.

  • McCandless’ desire to seek out a transformative experience in the wild parallels author Jon Krakauer’s own solitary ascent up Devils Thumb. Krakauer taken McCandless' parents to Alaska to show them the conditions their son lived in at the end of his life.

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