The Interlopers Topics for Further Study
by Saki

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Topics for Further Study

(Short Stories for Students)

Imagine that it is the day before the story takes place and you have been hired to mediate a peace between Ulrich and Georg. What would you suggest the men do to end their feud?

Analyze Saki's choice of title for his story. Who are the interlopers? Why are they interlopers?

Saki wrote ‘‘The Interlopers’’ while he was fighting in World War I. In what ways might the story reflect the experiences of a soldier?

Find a work of art that represents the story's setting for you. Describe the artwork and why you feel it depicts the story's setting.

The story takes place in the Austro-Hungarian empire prior to World War I. Conduct research and write an essay about the society in which Ulrich and Georg lived.

In the Dictionary of Literary Biography, Alexander Malcolm Forbes calls ‘‘The Interlopers’’ a parable. Define parable. How effective of a parable is this story? Explain your answer.