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1. Names and terms from the Trojan War myths have entered our language and mental imagery. For example, a "Trojan horse" means a sneaky strategy to trick an enemy. Make a list of such items and explain what each means when we use it.

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2. Arranged marriages were usual in this era, at least among the nobility. Despite that custom, some couples, like Theseus and Hippolyta or Odysseus and Penelope in the novel, seem to have married for love. Write a scene from one of these couples' courtship or later life together, interpreting their relationship.

3. Beautiful Helen was always marked out to be a "trophy wife" or a woman who is prized solely for her beauty. Is this actually true of her relationship with Paris as well? Explain why or why not.

4. The Trojan War and its aftermath have inspired many works of literature and art. List some of them and briefly summarize what they deal with and their importance.

5. Some Trojans did survive their city's fall. Literary works give various versions of their later adventures. Look up a few of these works and for each, summarize whom they tell about and what the Trojan characters did in the story, poem, or play.

6. Pick one or two surviving Trojan characters and give your own ideas on what may have happened to them after Troy was defeated.

7. Archaeologists, from Heinrich Schliemann in the late 1800s to the present, have found sites and other evidence showing that Troy did exist and probably did experience a siege and sack like the myths portray. Do some research and report on nineteenth- and twentieth-century discoveries about this era, and why they are important.

8. Research what else was going on in the world at the time historians believe the Trojan War took place. Discover if any other myths from other cultures around the time of the Trojan War are recorded. Compare and contrast those myths to the ones in Inside the Walls of Troy.

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