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In addition to his two collections of poetry, for which he is best remembered today, Innokenty Annensky (uhn-YEHN-skee) wrote four tragedies and was a critic and pedagogue of note. His tragedies include Melanippa-Filosof (pb. 1901), Tsar Iksion (pb. 1902), Laodamiia (pb. 1906), and Famira Kifared (pb. 1913). Annensky’s major critical effort consists of the essays constituting the two collections entitled Kniga otrazhenii (1906) and Vtoraia kniga otrazhenii (1909). They were reissued in a single volume in 1969. The remainder of Annensky’s critical and pedagogical essays have never been collected in book form; they remain scattered throughout the Russian journals in which they first appeared.