Chapter 22 Summary

The day of his departure, Lofting’s driver takes Leonard to the airport. A woman’s hand touches him lightly and he turns to find Maria there. The tension between them is considerable and they seem unsure of how to talk about the future. Maria again assures him that everything will be fine, but Leonard still expects to be arrested before he boards the plane. He asks her whether she has given notice at work, and she tells him she has. She says that her boss is very angry with her and has grown accustomed to her waiting on him; he even tried to change her mind. She presses Leonard about whether he has told his parents of their engagement, but he insists he will do it when he gets back to England.

Before he leaves, Maria seems to want to tell him something, but she feels pressured by the time of Leonard’s impending departure. She mentions again that when they reunite in England, she will be able to explain everything; Leonard secretly worries that she is referring to some kind of romantic dalliance between her and Glass. She begs Leonard to remember how they were the night of their engagement before they found Otto in the wardrobe. Finally, Leonard’s flight is called and he gives her a simple but not passionate kiss good-bye. Maria promises to watch his flight take off from the roof of the airport. Leonard makes his way through the line and out onto the tarmac. He has a good distance to walk to board his plane, and he steals a look back at the airport. He sees Maria standing there as promised, waving to him. All of a sudden she is joined by someone, and it takes Leonard a moment to realize that it is Glass. He also waves, but Leonard his more focused on his hand, which seems to be around Maria’s waist. Maria blows Leonard a kiss, but he does not return it. She and Glass seem to be talking together and Maria laughs at one point. Leonard is filled with sullen anger and climbs into the plane. He takes his seat, not wanting to look back at her. He attempts to interest himself in a newspaper story, but realizes he is doing it only for show. As the plane makes its way down the runway, he steals another look back at Maria, now farther in the distance. At this point, he cannot even make her face out, but it seems like she might be waving at him. Finally, Leonard turns away as the plane takes off.