Chapter 21 Summary

MacNamee requests a meeting to discuss the contents of the suitcases, which were on the Russian side of the tunnel and thus confiscated by the Germans. Leonard is able to extend his lie by explaining that he was working privately on some new decoding equipment designed to increase the clarity and effectiveness of the decoding. MacNamee accepts Leonard’s explanation acknowledging his disappointment with the discovery, even though the whole team knew it could happen at any time. He informs Leonard that he is being called back by the British and will be leaving Germany soon.

When Leonard arrives at Maria’s flat that night, he is surprised to discover Glass there. Glass insists that his visit is simply procedural—since there was a security breach, they have to interview any Germans or other people associated with warehouse workers who might have given over the information. Glass quickly leaves after this explanation, and Leonard tries to find out more from Maria, who simply corroborates Glass’s story. Leonard’s old distrust of Glass’s interest in Maria resurfaces, and he asks whether she has seen Glass at any other time. Maria knows he is being jealous and tries to placate him. He tells her that he is being called back to England, and wonders if the separation might do them some good. Maria explains that she will need to give her job at least a month’s notice before she can be with him in England. She keeps emphatically telling Leonard that everything will be fine, but he is irritated by her presumption. He feels greatly unsure about their future together.

To further dodge Maria, Leonard buries himself in his last few days of work. The remaining workers at the warehouse are engaged in closing up the operations and shipping any reusable equipment to various locations. Leonard also has to pack up his flat, which is going to be re-rented following his departure. When he is nearly completed with his packing up, he talks with Lofting, who confirms that the Americans have sent Leonard back to them. He also reveals that he has been dating Charlotte, Maria’s friend whom he meet at Leonard’s engagement party. He offers to have his men transport Leonard to the airport, including his luggage. Leonard readily accepts. For days he has been scouring the German newspapers, waiting anxiously for the discovery of the dismembered body to be revealed to the press. Despite scouring all of the media he can get access to, none of the papers runs a story about Otto’s body.