Chapter 12 Summary

At work, Leonard finds himself passing by Glass’s office. The door is open, and the American quickly motions for Leonard to come in. With his usual intense energy, Glass magnanimously informs Leonard that Maria has passed all of the security checks. Glass goes on about Maria’s beauty and how several other officers find her attractive, all of which irks Leonard. As Glass relays the story of her security evaluation, Leonard pretends to hear all of this for the first time. In reality, Maria had told him all about the process, which had already stoked his anger. Leonard reminds Glass that he told him at the beginning that Maria knew nothing and represented no threat to the operation. Despite this, Glass reaffirms the necessity of checking her thoroughly.

Maria was interviewed three times, and by the end of the last interview, Glass and his team were certain she was clear. Despite Leonard’s disapproval of the process, Glass knows that if his superiors were to find out about Leonard and Maria’s relationship, Glass would be accountable for not investigating it. Glass relates the story: he explained to Maria how much time and effort went into checking her out. He also extolled Leonard as a genius who is integral to the project and insisted that she return to Leonard because he is such a catch. When Leonard confirms that Maria came back to him, Glass congratulates himself as much as Leonard for her return.

Glass also reveals during this interview that he understands the nature of Maria and Leonard’s confrontation. Maria explained to Glass that Leonard had treated her roughly, leading to her departure. Glass knows that it was not merely an altercation and that Maria fled out of genuine fear of Leonard. Glass finds great amusement in the seeming discrepancy between Leonard’s mild-mannered British appearance and the animalistic nature of his assault on Maria. His almost envious tone nearly forces Leonard to lose his cool as he tries desperately to seem impassive. Despite his anger, Leonard feels ashamed about what he did to Maria and about Glass’s knowing about it. It occurs to him that Glass has a certain amount of intimate knowledge of Leonard and Maria, and Leonard is uncomfortable with it. He tries to explain himself, but Glass seems oblivious to his declarations of his attachment to Maria. As they depart the office, Glass once again remarks on Maria’s physical beauty and attempts to imitate a Cockney accent and a British turn of phrase. Leonard finds Glass’s grotesquerie fully repulsive.