Chapter 10 Summary

As the wiretapping and recording continue, Leonard pines after Maria. He stops at her flat every night and always finds her absent. Her downstairs neighbor, who previously regarded Leonard with suspicion and anger, now finds Leonard pathetic. After the first few days, he gives up on the idea of leaving presents or letters. He knows that he will eventually have to find Maria and try to ask for her forgiveness. He recognizes that the timing of the apology (as well as the location) will play an important role in his success at getting Maria’s forgiveness. If he approaches her after work, out on the street, she will have too many opportunities to escape or brush him aside. In order for him to successfully apologize to Maria, Leonard will need several hours alone with her.

Back at his own flat, Leonard meets his own new neighbor, George Blake. Leonard sees George in passing, but learns Blake’s name only when the man strikes up a conversation with Leonard. Blake is Leonard’s downstairs neighbor, and he complains subtly about the noise Leonard makes walking around the house. At work, the taps are running and the machines Leonard repaired are successfully recording the conversations. Since the tunneling and other setup is done, many of the workers have departed the warehouse. Leonard finds the place emptier and often eats alone in the canteen.

During this time, Leonard initially tries to avoid Glass, fearing what news he will bring of Maria. Knowing that Glass is researching her background (and suspicious of her as a spy), Leonard worries that Glass’s surveillance will render Maria even angrier. Although Leonard initially dodges Glass, he eventually starts to find reasons to go past his office. Leonard is concerned that Glass will bring in Maria for interrogation. By the time the warm weather arrives, in late spring, many of the men have taken to playing baseball during the many breaks afforded by the lack of work. Leonard does not participate, as he finds himself ill suited to the spot. One day, MacNamee shows up outside and begins to walk with Leonard to find out whether he has any new information. Leonard, despite snooping in Glass’s office and five others, has not found anything of use to the British officer. He senses that MacNamee is disappointed by Leonard’s lack of results, even though he explains that he could not ask the other workers too many questions without drawing suspicion.