The Innocence Of Reginald Quotes


"A Goldfish In A Glass Bowl"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: In "The Innocence of Reginald" Reginald suggests to some of his friends that he would like to write a book of personal reminiscences in which he would leave nothing out. His friends are at once astonished and terrified. When the word gets around, the rumor is not that he plans to write a book, but that the book has already been written. Immediately he is set upon by all his friends, who declare that he must have included an account of their past sins. They tell him that before the book goes to press he must include this and exclude that. Each assumes that for certain he will occupy a large part of the book. Of course, most of what his friends think will surely be in the book has not even occurred to Reginald.

. . . I was provoking and said nothing, and the next thing, of course, was that every one heard that I'd written the book and got it in the press. After that, I might have been a goldfish in a glass bowl for all the privacy I got. People attacked me about it in the most unexpected places, and implored or commanded me to leave out things that I'd forgotten had ever happened.