the book cover of Philip Roth’s INDIGNATION & the Question of “Literary” Writing

Philip Roth’s INDIGNATION & the Question of “Literary” Writing

by Bruce Bergman

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
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Philip Roth is a very well known writer who has been placed, historically, in the literary category. His style is not one marked by dedication to metaphor or the poetry of language, per se. Instead, he writes with what can be called a “counter aesthetic”, often choosing prurient subject matter and writing with great verve and attitude but not about ideas as such. This leaves a question the question of theme. Does Roth display a loyalty to theme? Is he writing to make a statement that is greater than his story? Is he producing art? Taking a look at his 1999 novel INDIGNATION, I hope to answer this question, or at least approach an answer.