Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Indiana Delmare

Indiana Delmare (a[n]-dee-ah-NAH dehl-MAHR), a young woman who lives a bored and frustrated existence. She is faithful to her husband but is very friendly with her cousin, Sir Ralph Brown. When Raymon de Ramière begins paying her attentions, she reciprocates, but when she decides to leave her husband to go to de Ramière, she finds, much to her dismay, that he has married someone else. She finally retires to a life of seclusion with Sir Ralph.

Monsieur Delmare

Monsieur Delmare, Indiana’s husband. He is very suspicious and jealous but never hears of his wife’s affairs with de Ramière. He is a businessman, financially ruined, who retires to the Isle of Bourbon. It is at this point that Indiana leaves him.

Rodolphe Brown

Rodolphe Brown (roh-DOHLF), called Sir Ralph, Indiana’s faithful admirer and cousin. He is a frequent guest in the Delmare house and a trusted friend, and he is very fond of Indiana. After Indiana runs away from her husband and finds that de Ramière is married, she meets Sir Ralph and they decide on a suicide pact. They change their minds, however, and go away to live together as recluses.

Raymon de Ramière

Raymon de Ramière (ray-MOH[N] deh rahm-YEHR), Indiana’s lover. He is a scoundrel who is found climbing over the Delmare’s wall one night. He has actually come to visit Indiana’s maid; but once he has met Indiana, he tires of the maid and begins to pursue her mistress. He is fickle, and when Indiana leaves with her husband for the Isle of Bourbon, he marries someone else.


Noun (new[n]), Indiana’s maid. She has been de Ramière’s mistress for some time before he meets Indiana. She finds that she is pregnant, and she commits suicide because de Ramière refuses to marry her.