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Thirty-year-old Rose Feller has an Ivy League education, a job as a powerful attorney in Philadelphia, and a closet full of fabulous shoes. What she does not have is the love of a good man. Rose is the consummate "good girl" who has always looked out for her younger sister, especially after their mother died at a young age. Rose strives to please people. After Maggie has been thrown out of their father's house and lands on Rose's couch, Rose once again takes responsibility for cleaning up Maggie's mess. However, the final straw is the day that she comes home to find Maggie in bed with her boyfriend. Rose kicks her out and decides to make some significant life changes. She quits her high-powered job with no back-up plan. Fate intervenes as Rose is out walking the dog which Maggie had stolen from the dog groomer where she was working. Rose decides to open her own dog walking business in which she finds great satisfaction. One day while walking her "clients," Rose runs into Simon Stein, a former colleague. They have lunch and a relationship blossoms soon after. The couple eventually becomes engaged and, at the end of the novel, they marry.