In Her Shoes Summary
by Jennifer Weiner

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Rose and Maggie Feller agree on very little except for their love of shoes and their mutual contempt for their stepmother, Sydelle, and her daughter, Marsha.

In her 2002 novel In Her Shoes, best-selling author Jennifer Weiner introduces readers to Rose and Maggie Feller, two sisters who could not be more different. Rose, the elder sister, has always been more responsible than her sister for whom she has cared since their mother died. Rose is 30, single, and overweight; she envies her sister's carefree nature, naturally thin body, and luck with men—until, that is, Maggie's indiscretion and inability to hold down a meaningful job interfere with Rose's stable and successful life. Soon, the sisters' circumstances change dramatically.

The sisters' lives diverge even more as they go their separate ways. Rose finds love with Simon Stein, the perfect Jewish man of her dreams. Ironically, Rose also decides to quit her job and finds happiness as a dog walker in spite of her Ivy League education.

Maggie decides to track down their grandmother, Ella, who was kept away from them as children. Imagine Ella's shock when Maggie appears at her door wanting not only a place to stay but also a relationship. The unlikely roommates embark on a journey of discovery as they get to know one another and Maggie discovers upsetting information about her past. Soon, Maggie finds rewarding work as an aide at an assisted living facility and, ultimately, as a personal shopper for the residents of Ella's complex.

The Feller women eventually reunite and make amends for the past. Rose marries Simon, Maggie finds direction for her future, and Ella reconnects with her long-lost granddaughters. In short, the women finally learn what it feels like to be in one another's shoes,...

(The entire section is 442 words.)