In Custody Summary
by Anita Desai

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In Custody Summary

Deven Sharma is the main character of In Custody by Anita Desai, which takes place in India. The story spans the period between the 1980s and 1999, a time when customs and attitudes were changing in India. Deven lives a discontented life with his wife, Sarla, and their young son. He teaches Hindi literature at a school, but the Urdu language is his true passion. The reader can easily compare Deven's feelings of failure with the failed caste system and other negative value systems in India. Deven has settled, having failed to become a writer of Urdu poetry, but like his countrymen, he is still searching for a source of meaning in his life.

Then something wonderful happens: Deven is invited to interview the famous Urdu poet Nur, who lives in Delhi. Though wary of the involvement of his shifty friend Marad in this opportunity, Deven is intrigued by the possibility of fulfilling his dream. When he gets to the big city, he is appalled by how disgustingly dirty it is. However, as he climbs his way up the many stairs leading to Nur's home, Deven's spirits begin to soar. The author uses this particular scene to suggest upward mobility in much more than physical terms.

When Deven finally meets Nur, he gets the worst surprise of his journey. As often happens in life, talent and fame do not naturally lead to happiness. Nur is old, and lives in a run-down and messy home; his mind is going, and misery surrounds him. Though initially taken aback, Deven resolves to help Nur, whose work he has long admired. Deven decides to memorialize the poet's words by recording them on tape. Nur is initially resistant to this proposal, telling Deven to give up and...

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