The Immortalists Characters
by Chloe Benjamin

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The Immortalists Characters

The four main characters, all protagonists of his or her own portion of the novel, are the four Gold siblings: Varya, Daniel, Klara, and Simon. The plot basically begins when they visit a gypsy/psychic as children and learn the dates of their deaths. Some more minor supporting characters include the psychic who delivers their fateful prophecies and their parents, spouses, and children (Gertie, Raj, Ruby, and Luke, particularly).

Varya is the oldest child and she is predicted to live the longest. As an adult, Varya seems to lead a solitary, lonely life, bonding mostly with the primate subjects of her scientific studies. She is working to discover strategies for extending human life, which seems somewhat ironic considering that she is the Gold child allotted the longest lifespan. It is later revealed in the novel that Varya had a child with a professor and that she gave the child up for adoption at birth.

Daniel is the second sibling, one who at first seems mature and traditionally successful. Later in his life, as his death date approaches, he has a meltdown and becomes obsessed with finding and prosecuting the gypsy/psychic who gave the Golds the information about their deaths. Daniel blames the psychic for the early deaths of two of his siblings. He ends up dying in the process, after hunting down the psychic and her family once he learns no charges will be pursued against them, and fulfilling his death prophecy.

Klara is the sibling who is interested in magic, the surreal, the supernatural. She eventually becomes a magician along with her spouse Raj. She has a daughter named Ruby who continues the magic shows with Raj after Klara's death, which may or may not be suicide/caused by her magical powers.

Finally, there is Simon, who is the youngest and also who dies first. He is gay and...

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