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The controversy over what constitutes a poem remains unsolved. Research the topic of free verse (or vers libre). Consider including a historical perspective, the differences in various definitions and proposed applications of this style, as well as aspects of the controversy of the prose poem.

Both Amy Lowell and Hilda Doolittle were involved in lesbian relationships. Study their poetry and compare how they handled these issues in their writing. You might also want to read some of their prose to give you a fuller background on this issue. For a more complex paper, you could include information on the social implications of lesbianism during the time frame of their relationships. You might also want to read some thoughts on the subject by Gertrude Stein and Virginia Woolf, two other writers around the same time period who also dealt with issues stemming from homosexuality.

The Greek poet Sappho greatly influenced Hilda Doolittle’s writing. Develop as concise a biography as possible about Sappho from the limited information available. Research her poetry to discover how Doolittle’s writing reflects upon it; then, using examples from both women, compare specific poems.

Japanese haiku was a major influence on imagist poetry. Read some of the poetry of Matsuo Basho, then try to write some of your own haiku. Include up to five of your haiku in a paper that explores Basho’s life and works.

F. S. Flint wrote very moving war poetry. Research other poets or other writers of prose who spoke of their war experiences. You may want to choose a different writer for each major war, such as World War II, the Korean War, the War in Vietnam, or even a war from ancient times. Compare their experiences.

Imagism marked the beginning of the modernist movement in literature and in other art forms. How did Modernism affect other arts such as painting, sculpture, architecture, and music? What were the drastic changes from the romantic or Victorian age to Modernism? Or you might want to switch perspectives and show how Modernism and the postmodern world of art stand in contrast.

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