(Comprehensive Guide to Short Stories, Critical Edition)

“I’m Your Horse in the Night” is narrated in the first-person voice through the consciousness of a woman who is in love with a persecuted revolutionary who calls himself Beto and is involved in secret activities. Beto visits the woman, whom he calls Chiquita, at night to avoid getting caught by the police. In the story, the narrator re-creates in her mind his last visit as she is imprisoned and tortured because of her relationship with him and her refusal to betray him.

The story begins in the middle of the night, in an Argentine city. The narrator is annoyed because she has to get up when the doorbell rings several times. It sounds like the signal used by Beto, but Chiquita fears the possibility of a police trap. She opens the door to her lover. Extremely cautious about his own security, he locks the door of the house behind him.

Beto is a man of few words; he embraces and kisses Chiquita to communicate his emotions. Happy to see him, she tries to talk about his experiences during his long absence, but he silences her. He tells her that her safety depends on her ignorance of his activities. She concludes that he must have been in Brazil because he brings with him a drink and a record from that country. She realizes that he risked his life coming to see her and worries about their future.

The lovers drink and dance while they listen to the Brazilian song “I’m Your Horse in the Night.” Chiquita explains that the song is...

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