I'll Be Gone in the Dark Summary
by Michelle McNamara

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I'll Be Gone in the Dark Summary

I'll Be Gone in the Dark is a nonfiction work by Michelle McNamara. It is an account of the research that she did to document and track down the Golden State Killer. McNamara was a crime blogger and an amateur sleuth who was fascinated by true crime.

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McNamara never finished the book. She died before she could finish it; however, the book was published posthumously after editors and lead researchers pieced together the rest of her notes.

McNamara presents the research and her own hunt to find it. Over the course of more than 10 years, the Golden State Killer raped and/or killed over 50 people in California. McNamara chronicles a growing list of disturbing and increasingly violent break-ins, rapes, and murders. The culprit was always too quick and too clever for the police to catch and appeared to have spent a long time casing his victims and getting to know their habits and schedules before his attacks.

The book itself compiles a wide array of research, including interviews, maps, and genealogical records.