Books 20 and 21 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Zeus reverse his previous warning and invite the gods to intervene?

2. What is the outcome of the duel between Aineias and Achilleus?

3. Why does Poseidon act in this way?

4. What warning does Apollo give Hektor regarding Achilleus?

5. Does he act accordingly?

6. How does Hektor survive the duel?

7. Why does Achilleus take 12 young Trojan warriors as prisoners?

8. What is the river’s reaction to all the Trojans killed in its waters?

9. How does Achilleus escape?

10. What is the outcome of the duel between Agenor and Achilleus?

1. Zeus is afraid that Achilleus will overstep the bounds of fate.

2. The duel ends when Aineias is spirited away by Poseidon.

3. Poseidon knows that Aineias is not fated to die at that time.

4. Apollo warns Hektor that he will die if he challenges Achilleus in the open.

5. Hektor refuses to heed the warning and challenges Achilleus anyway.

6. Apollo wraps Hektor in a thick mist to keep Achilleus from killing him.

7. Achilleus takes 12 young Trojans to fulfill his promise to Patroklos that they would be killed at his bier as part of the revenge for his death.

8. The river is furious with Achilleus and attacks him, attempting to drown him.

9. Achilleus escapes the river when Hera and Hephaistos send fire to dry up the water.

10. Apollo whisks Agenor away before Achilleus can kill him. He disguises himself as Agenor and leads Achilleus away from the Trojan wall so the Trojans can safely retreat behind it.

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