Books 16 and 17 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Does Achilleus agree to end his grudge against Agamemnon at the request of Patroklos? Why?

2. What does Achilleus agree to do?

3. What are Achilleus’ instructions to Patroklos?

4. Why does he tell Patroklos to limit his efforts?

5. What event makes Achilleus hurry Patroklos on his way?

6. What happens when the Trojans see Patroklos and the Myrmidon army approaching?

7. Who intervenes when Patroklos is on the verge of taking the city?

8. Who finally kills Patroklos?

9. Why is there such fierce fighting over the body of Patroklos?

10. How do Achilleus’ horses react to the death of Patroklos?

1. No, Achilleus is not ready to put aside his pride and reconcile with Agamemnon.

2. Achilleus agrees to send Patroklos out with the Myrmidon forces in his armor.

3. Achilleus instructs Patroklos to push back the Trojans, but not to take the city.

4. Achilleus tells Patroklos not to take Troy because he wants the glory for himself.

5. The Trojans succeed in torching one of the Achaian ships.

6. The Trojans are afraid when they see the Myrmidons and what appears to be Achilleus, and they begin to retreat.

7. Apollo intervenes and pushes Patroklos back from the Trojan wall, knocking off his helmet.

8. Hektor kills Patroklos after he has been wounded by another Trojan.

9. The Achaians fight fiercely for the body of Patroklos in order to give it a proper burial.

10. The horses weep at the death of Patroklos.

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