Books 12 and 13 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What information do we learn in Book Twelve about the war’s outcome?

2. What initial difficulty do the Trojans face in storming the Achaian wall?

3. What do they decide to do about it?

4. What omen do the Trojan’s see as they prepare to assault the wall?

5. How does Poulydamas interpret the sign, and what is his advice to Hektor?

6. What does Hektor decide to do?

7. Are the Trojans successful in breaking through the wall?

8. Which god comes to the aid of the Achaians?

9. How does he avoid being noticed by Zeus?

10. Why doesn’t he stand up to Zeus?

1. In the first paragraph of Book Twelve, we learn that the Trojans will be defeated in the tenth year of the war, and that all the leading Trojan men will be killed.

2. The Trojan horses are afraid of the ditch, and the ditch is too wide for them to jump.

3. The Trojans decide to leave their horses and attack the wall on foot.

4. An eagle holding a live snake flies over the Trojans, is bitten by the snake, and drops it at the feet of the terrified warriors.

5. Poulydamas reads the sign as a warning of what will become of the Trojans and advises Hektor to retreat.

6. Hektor decides to ignore the sign and storm the wall.

7. The Trojans break through the wall when Hektor smashes the gates with a stone.

8. Poseidon pities the Achaians and comes to their aid.

9. Poseidon avoids detection by assuming a disguise and not fighting openly.

10. Though Poseidon is Zeus’ brother, he realizes that Zeus has more power and he fears his wrath.

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