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Book 9 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What plan does Agamemnon suggest as the book opens?

2. Who dissuades him and why?

3. What is Nestor’s advice to Agamemnon?

4. What does Agamemnon offer to give Achilleus?

5. Who is sent to bring the message to Achilleus?

6. How are the messengers received?

7. Does Achilleus accept Agamemnon’s offer?

8. Why does Achilleus act as he does?

9. What is the Achaian reaction to Achilleus’ answer?

10. What is Diomedes’ response?

1. Agamemnon suggests that the Achaians escape in their ships and sail home.

2. Diomedes dissuades him, because he trusts that Troy will fall. He also thinks it is too dangerous for the Achaians to flee by sea.

3. Nestor...

(The entire section is 217 words.)