Book 8 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Zeus warn the gods to stay out of the conflict?

2. Where does Zeus go to watch the battle?

3. What sign are we given that the Trojans will come out ahead in this day’s fighting?

4. Who does Hera ask to help her intervene for the Achaians?

5. What is his answer?

6. What omen does Zeus send to Agamemnon to let him know all will be well?

7. Which two goddesses attempt to ride into the battle to help the Achaians?

8. Are they successful?

9. Where are the two armies at the close of this day’s fighting?

10. Why does Hektor choose to camp where he does?

1. Zeus wishes to bring the war to a quick end and does not want the gods to interfere.

2. Zeus watches the battle from Mount Ida.

3. Zeus holds up the scales of fate and the Achaian’s side sinks down.

4. Hera tries to enlist the help of Poseidon.

5. Poseidon refuses to get involved, knowing that his brother Zeus is more powerful.

6. An eagle drops a fawn next to the Achaian altar to Zeus.

7. Hera and Athene harness their horses to ride into the battle to help the Achaians.

8. Zeus discovers their plan, and they are forced to return to Olympus.

9. The Achaians have been forced back behind their wall, and the Trojans are camped right up against its other side.

10. Hektor camps by the wall to ensure that the Achaians do not try to escape in the night with their ships, and also to maintain an advantage for the next day’s fighting.

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