Iliad Book 7 Questions and Answers
by Homer

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Book 7 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Whose idea is it to call a truce and have Hektor challenge an Achaian to a duel, and why?

2. Who first accepts Hektor’s challenge?

3. Does he fight Hektor? Why?

4. Who volunteers next and why?

5. How is the man to fight Hektor finally chosen, and who is it?

6. Who is the stronger fighter in the duel?

7. How does the duel end?

8. What do both sides request after counsel that evening?

9. Why is it important to the warriors to bury their dead?

10. What do the Achaians do during the truce?

1. Athene and Apollo decide to have Hektor offer a duel in order to give the other warriors a break from the fighting.

2. While no one at first volunteers to fight Hektor, Menelaos finally comes forward.

3. Menelaos does not fight Hektor because his companions know he is not strong enough to stand up to the Trojan.

4. Nine of the best Achaians step forward after an inspiring speech by Nestor.

5. Aias is chosen by casting lots.

6. Hektor and Aias are equally matched in the duel and neither has the advantage.

7. The duel ends when it grows dark and a herald from each side parts the fighters.

8. Both sides request a truce to bury their dead.

9. The warriors wish to bury the dead so that their souls will be allowed peaceful entry into the Underworld and so that the bodies will not be defiled on the field.

10. During the truce, the Achaians burn their dead, hold a funeral feast, and build a great wall surrounded by a ditch to hold back the Trojans.