Book 24 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does Achilleus do each night to the body of Hektor?

2. Why does he anger the gods?

3. Who do the gods send as a messenger to Achilleus, and what is the message?

4. What does Priam bring to Achilleus?

5. How does Priam move safely through the Achaian camp to Achilleus?

6. What does Priam talk about that moves Achilleus to tears?

7. What is the climactic scene of the Iliad?

8. What do the two men agree to do about the fighting?

9. What kind of burial is given to Hektor?

10. Why does the Iliad end with the burial of Hektor?

1. Achilleus ties the body of Hektor to his chariot and drags it around Patroklos’ grave.

2. The gods are angry that he shows no pity or decency and that he is defiling the earth.

3. The gods send Thetis to convince Achilleus to surrender Hektor’s body to Priam.

4. Priam brings many valuable gifts as ransom for the body of Hektor.

5. Hermes goes with Priam as his protector and delivers him safely to Achilleus’ hut.

6. Priam reminds Achilleus of his own father and moves him to tears.

7. The climax of the Iliad occurs when Achilleus agrees to return Hektor’s body to Priam, showing his ultimate humanity and moral redemption.

8. A 12-day reprieve in the fighting is agreed upon in order to properly bury Hektor.

9. The Trojans prepare a burial for Hektor nearly identical to that of Patroklos.

10. The Iliad ends with the burial of Hektor to emphasize the moral redemption of Achilleus rather than the destruction and tragedy of his death or the fall of Troy.

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Book 23 Questions and Answers