Book 23 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What do the Myrmidons do after returning to their camp?

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2. Who appears to Achilleus in his dream?

3. What is his message?

4. What does Patroklos request that Achilleus do with his bones?

5. Why does Achilleus cut off his hair?

6. What is the significance of the act?

7. What is burned on the pyre with Patroklos?

8. Why are these items added to the pyre?

9. Why has Hektor’s body not disintegrated under the harsh treatment of Achilleus?

10. Why does Achilleus hold the funeral games?

1. They ride around the funeral pyre three times, defiling the body of Hektor.

2. The ghost of Patroklos appears to Achilleus as he sleeps.

3. The ghost admonishes Achilleus for not giving his body proper burial.

4. Patroklos asks Achilleus to have both of their bones buried together.

5. Achilleus cuts his hair to honor the memory of Patroklos, and burns it along with the body.

6. Achilleus was growing the lock as a gift to the river Spercheios in exchange for his safe return from battle. He now realizes he will not return alive.

7. Jars of honey and oil, four horses, two dogs, and the 12 captured Trojans are burned.

8. The items are added to grant Patroklos sustenance, companionship, and service in the underworld.

9. Apollo and Aphrodite have been preserving Hektor’s body.

10. The funeral games are held to honor Achilleus’ dead friend by simulating his brave acts in battle. They also help to assimilate Achilleus back into the community.

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