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Book 22 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What are Hektor’s options as Achilleus approaches the gates of Troy?

2. Which option does he choose?

3. Who tries to dissuade him?

4. What does Hektor do as he sees Achilleus approaching?

5. Who intervenes?

6. How does she cause Hektor to stand up to fight Achilleus?

7. What promise does Hektor make to Achilleus?

8. Does Achilleus promise the same?

9. What does Hektor ask as he dies?

10. What happens to Hektor’s body?

1. Hektor can escape behind the walls of the city, face Achilleus unarmed while offering gifts, or stand up to fight him.

2. Hektor chooses to stay and fight.

3. Both his mother and his father attempt to...

(The entire section is 218 words.)