Book 18 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How does Achilleus react to the news of the death of Patroklos?

2. Who hears Achilleus’ tortured cry of grief?

3. What does Thetis tell Achilleus about his fate?

4. What is Achilleus’ response to this revelation?

5. What stops Achilleus from going out immediately to fight Hektor?

6. What is Thetis’ solution to this problem?

7. What does Hera instruct Achilleus to do for the Achaians in the meantime?

8. How can Achilleus do this without any armor?

9. What are the Achaians able to do as a result?

10. What does Poulydamas advise Hektor to do, and what is his response?

1. Achilleus is distraught, and covers himself with dust, tearing out his hair.

2. Thetis hears his cry and comes to comfort him.

3. Thetis tells Achilleus that if he kills Hektor, his own death will shortly follow.

4. Achilleus is bent on revenge regardless of the consequences.

5. Achilleus cannot go into battle without his armor, which Hektor has taken.

6. Thetis offers to go to Olympus and have Hephaistos make a new suit of armor.

7. Hera sends Iris to instruct Achilleus to go out to the ditch and show himself to the Trojans.

8. Athene surrounds Achilleus with a blazing light. As he stands at the ditch, he utters three fierce shouts that strike the Trojans with terror.

9. In the resulting confusion, the Achaians are able to drag Patroklos’ body out of the fighting.

10. Poulydamas is fearful of Achilleus’ reaction to the death of Patroklos and advises Hektor to retreat behind the city walls for protection. Hektor refuses to retreat.

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