Book 11 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Which of the great Achaian fighters are wounded in this chapter?

2. Who is the only great fighter left fighting?

3. Where is Achilleus as he watches the action?

4. What is Achilleus’ attitude toward the events taking place?

5. What prompts Achilleus to desire news of the battle?

6. How does Achilleus decide to obtain this information?

7. What does Nestor ask Patroklos to do?

8. What is Nestor’s alternate plan?

9. Why does he think this alternate plan will work?

10. What stops Patroklos from returning directly to Achilleus?

1. Agamemnon, Diomedes, and Odysseus are all wounded in rapid succession.

2. Aias is the only great fighter left on the field.

3. Achilleus watches from the safety of the stern of his ship.

4. Achilleus believes that with so many great men injured, the Achaians are sure to come to him begging his forgiveness.

5. Achilleus sees Nestor leading a wounded man from the field.

6. Achilleus decides to send Patroklos to Nestor to learn news of the battle.

7. Nestor asks Patroklos to convince Achilleus to give up his grudge and fight.

8. If Achilleus will not fight, Nestor suggests that he send Patroklos to the field in Achilleus’ armor.

9. Nestor believes that the Trojans are so impressed with the strength of Achilleus that the mere sight of his armor in battle will be enough to send them into retreat.

10. Patroklos is prevented from returning immediately to Achilleus by Eurypylos, who has been badly wounded and requests help from Patroklos in tending to the wound.

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