Book 10 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Who is the first to volunteer for the spy mission into the Trojan camp?

2. Who does he choose to go with him, and why?

3. What do the Achaians hope to gain by the mission?

4. Who is sent on a similar mission for the Trojans?

5. What are his motivations?

6. Who catches whom spying?

7. What do they learn?

8. Which unit of Trojan fighters are Diomedes and Odysseus most interested in?

9. What becomes of Dolon?

10. Who is later killed and what is taken?

1. Diomedes is the first to volunteer to spy on the Trojans.

2. Diomedes chooses Odysseus for his strength and fighting ability.

3. The Achaians hope to learn where various groups of Trojans will attack and where they are vulnerable.

4. Dolon is sent by the Trojans to spy on the Achaian camp.

5. Dolon volunteers only when he is promised Achilleus’ horses as reward.

6. Diomedes and Odysseus catch Dolon and realize he is going to spy on the Achaians.

7. Dolon reveals everything he knows, including Hektor’s whereabouts, the position of several other key Trojan units, and the security measures taken by the Trojans.

8. Diomedes and Odysseus are most interested in a fresh unit that has arrived from Thrace.

9. He pleads for his life, but is killed by Diomedes.

10. Diomedes and Odysseus kill 12 Thracian warriors and their king, Rhesos. They take a team of remarkable horses and use them to escape back to their camp.

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