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Book 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where are the Achaians at the opening of the epic?

2. Why did Apollo send “deadly arrows” against the Achaians?

3. Whose advice do the Achaians seek to stop the bloodshed?

4. What do the Achaians do to stop Apollo’s assault?

5. What does Agamemnon do to Achilleus that causes his great anger?

6. What is Achilleus’ plan for revenge?

7. Why does Thetis agree to help Achilleus?

8. Who takes Chryseis back to Thebe, and what happens when he gets there?

9. Why is Hera unhappy that Zeus agrees to help Achilles?

10. Who pleads with Hera to make peace with Zeus, and why?

1. The Achaians are in Troy.

2. The Achaians refused to return Chryseis to her father, who...

(The entire section is 230 words.)