Iliad Books 20 and 21 Summary and Analysis


Books 20 and 21 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Asteropaios: Trojan warrior who faces Achilleus at the river’s edge

Aganor: Trojan who keeps Achilleus from taking Troy

As the Achaians and the Trojans arm themselves, Zeus calls the gods together in Olympos. Zeus orders the gods to enter the battle on whichever side they choose. He is afraid that Achilleus, in his anger, will overstep fate and storm the walls of Troy. The gods quickly join their favored sides as battle begins.

Aineias, spurred on by Apollo, challenges Achilleus. When the fierce duel approaches its destined conclusion, Poseidon fears for Aineias and rushes in to spirit the warrior away from the field. Though...

(The entire section is 940 words.)