Iliad Books 16 and 17 Summary and Analysis


Books 16 and 17 Summary and Analysis

New Character
Automedon: Achaian warrior who attempts to bring Achilleus’ horses into the battle

Patroklos brings the grim news that he has heard from Nestor to Achilleus, begging him to put aside his pride and fight to save the Achaians. Failing that, he asks to be allowed to borrow Achilleus’ armor and take the Myrmidon army into battle. Achilleus is not ready to forgive Agamemnon, but agrees to send Patroklos in his armor. He instructs Patroklos to come back after driving the Trojans from the ships, lest Achilleus should lose the glory of sacking Troy himself, or a god should come against Patroklos and bring him down.

Meanwhile, the Trojans have...

(The entire section is 946 words.)