Books 14 and 15 Summary

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Last Updated February 28, 2023.

Book 14 

Nestor leaves his hut to observe the battle and realizes that the Trojans have broken through the Achaean wall. He arranges a desperate meeting with Diomedes, Odysseus, and Agamemnon to discuss strategy. 

Agamemnon proposes they retreat into their ships but is rebuked by Odysseus for his lack of courage. Diomedes suggests that the three wounded leaders rejoin the fight to encourage the men, to which they all agree.

Meanwhile, Hera is pleased to see Poseidon helping the Trojans, so she enlists Sleep’s aid to ensure that Zeus does not awaken from his slumber. Her plan works, allowing the gods time to influence the tide of the battle. 

Back in the battle, Ajax and Hector meet in combat, resulting in Hector being brought down with a stone. This spurs on the Achaeans, forcing the Trojans back from the battlefield.

Book 15

When Zeus wakes up, he is enraged to see the Trojans in retreat and Hector wounded on the battlefield. He orders Iris to tell Poseidon to leave and demands Apollo instill panic in the Achaeans, spur on the Trojans, and strengthen Hector. 

The Achaean army retreats in fear upon seeing Hector back in battle. The fighting moves among the Achaeans’s ships as Hector calls for fire against them.

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