Iliad Books 12 and 13 Summary and Analysis


Books 12 and 13 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Poulydamas: Trojan soldier who advises Hektor to leave horses and attack the wall on foot

Meriones: Achaian warrior who comes to Idomeneus to replace his broken spear

The Achaians are penned back by their ships and Hektor attempts to bring his army over the ditch in front of the wall. However, as the Trojan horses are afraid of the ditch, crossing with the chariots is deemed too difficult. The Trojans decide to leave their horses and attempt to break through the wall on foot.

As Hektor, Poulydamas, and their men prepare to cross the ditch, they see an omen. An eagle holding a live snake flies over, and the snake twists and bites...

(The entire section is 747 words.)