Book 9 Summary

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Last Updated February 28, 2023.

Agamemnon, devastated by the day’s losses, calls an assembly and proposes the idea of fleeing in their ships. However, Diomedes protests against this plan. Nestor then stands and suggests setting up a guard outside the wall to protect against a surprise attack and holding a feast for the elders to decide upon their plan of action. 

At the feast, Nestor points out that the present difficulty is the direct result of Agamemnon’s feud with Achilles; he suggests that Agamemnon return Briseis and make peace with Achilles, so he will return to fight. Agamemnon begrudgingly agrees and sends Phoenix, Ajax, and Odysseus as messengers. 

When they arrive at Achilles’s camp, they are stunned by his refusal. Diomedes declares the plan foolish from the start, arguing that it was foolish to attempt to entreat a proud man with offers of little more than treasure. Their hopes diminished, he suggests they get some sleep and do the best they can the next morning to defend the ships.

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