Iliad Book 7 Summary and Analysis


Book 7 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Talthybios: Achaian herald who breaks up the duel

Poseidon: also called “Earthshaker”; the god of the sea

The Trojans are greatly encouraged as Hektor and Paris rush back to the battlefield. Athene is distressed at the destruction these two cause and she meets with Apollo. Together they decide to encourage Hektor to challenge an Achaian to a duel. This plan will give the rest of the warriors a reprieve from the fighting. They put the idea in Helenos’ head, and he brings the suggestion to Hektor.

Hektor holds back the Trojans, and they all sit down on the battlefield. Likewise, Agamemnon holds back the Achaians, and they...

(The entire section is 1049 words.)