Iliad Book 6 Summary and Analysis


Book 6 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Adrestos: a Trojan fighter who pleads with Menelaos to take him alive rather than kill him

Helenos: son of Priam who urges Hektor to gather the Trojan women to beseech Athene

Glaukos: Trojan warrior who exchanges a promise of friendship with Diomedes

Hekabe: Priam’s wife and Hector’s mother, who chooses her best robe as a gift to Athene

Theano: priestess of Athene who presents the gift with a prayer to the goddess

Andromache: Hektor’s wife who tries to convince him not to go back to the battle

Astyanax: Hektor’s infant son

Book Six continues on the same day of fighting, and...

(The entire section is 1109 words.)