Iliad Book 23 Summary and Analysis


Book 23 Summary and Analysis

The Achaians return to their ships, and Achilleus and the Myrmidons immediately resume their mourning of Patroklos. They drive their chariots around his body three times and defile the body of Hektor. Then they take off their armor and hold a great funeral feast. As Achilleus falls asleep on the beach, the ghost of Patroklos appears to him. The ghost admonishes him for not properly burying his body and thus preventing his spirit’s passage through the gates of Hades. He also requests that his bones and Achilleus’ be placed together in death as they were together in life.

In the morning men are sent to gather wood for the funeral pyre. Achilleus orders the Myrmidons to arm themselves,...

(The entire section is 799 words.)