Iliad Book 22 Summary and Analysis


Book 22 Summary and Analysis

New Character
Deiphobos: brother of Hektor, whose form Athene takes in fooling Hektor

As the other Trojans recover from the battle behind the city walls, Hektor remains alone outside the city to face Achilleus. Apollo then reveals himself. Achilleus is furious with the trick and moves quickly back to the city. Priam sees him coming and begs his son to reconsider and come inside the walls. His mother then adds her entreaties, but neither can convince him to give up his post. Hektor goes over his options. He can give up and go back into the city, where he will surely be blamed for the destruction of his people. He can put down his armor and meet Achilleus unarmed,...

(The entire section is 1114 words.)