Book 22 Summary

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Last Updated February 28, 2023.

Despite the chaos of the previous days, the battle remains largely unchanged. As such, Hector decides to fight Achilles; grief-stricken by Hector’s willingness to martyr himself, Apollo leaves him to his fate. 

Athena then appears in the guise of Deiphobus, one of Hector’s brothers, giving him false hope for a chance against Achilles. The two meet on the battlefield and fight. The fight is long and impressive, but Achilles soon takes the upper hand. Hector pleads for mercy, but Achilles refuses to spare him, finding a weak spot in Hector’s armor and spearing him through the neck. 

Priam begs Achilles to return his son’s body to him, but Achilles refuses, attaching Hector’s corpse to his chariot and dragging the body through the dust and back to the Achaean camp. His actions dishonor Hector’s body, and the Trojans look on in horror as the Achaeans repeatedly stab their leader’s lifeless body.

When news reaches Andromache, she faints, heartbroken that her beloved husband has been killed. All the Trojans are overcome with grief, wailing loudly and mourning their fallen leader.

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