Book 19 Summary

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Last Updated February 28, 2023.

Thetis brings Achilles his new armor, and he dons it eagerly, despite his grief. Achilles announces that he is putting aside his anger toward Agamemnon and returning to battle. Agamemnon acknowledges the folly of their quarrel and offers him great gifts again. Odysseus suggests they rest before going into battle, so they can have strength for it, but Achilles swears not to eat or drink until he avenges Patroclus. 

Agamemnon brings his gifts for Achilles out for everyone to see. Then, a great oath is sworn before Zeus that Agamemnon did not lie with Briseis. After mounting his chariot, Achilles recalls that his death is fated; this reminder angers him but does nothing to stop him from heading fearlessly into battle. 

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