Book 10 Summary

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Last Updated February 28, 2023.

Agamemnon gathers the Achaean leaders to discuss strategy; they decide to send spies into the Trojan camp. Diomedes offers to go if he can bring a companion, so Odysseus is chosen as his partner. 

On their way, they capture Dolon, who reveals information about Hector and other Trojan soldiers. Diomedes kills him and takes the spoils that he then offers as gifts to Athena. They then head for the Thracian camp, where they kill twelve sleeping Thracians, including the king of Thrace, Rhesos; they steal his horses before returning to the ships with all their spoils intact. 

Upon returning, they are joyfully received by the Achaeans. Diomedes and Odysseus wash themselves in sea water before sitting down for a meal and making offerings to Athena, which are gratefully received.

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