The Iliad "A Noble Mind Disdains Not To Repent"
by Simone Weil

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"A Noble Mind Disdains Not To Repent"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

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Context: While Achilles continues to sulk, the Trojans make great advances with the inspired Hector, son of King Priam, in command. He drives the Greeks back to their ships while the god Zeus busies himself with other matters. This Trojan success causes Poseidon, Zeus' brother and god of the sea, to defend the Greeks and drive back the Trojans, wounding Hector. Zeus, furious at this interference, orders Iris, rainbow, to visit Poseidon and persuade him to interfere no longer. Poseidon responds angrily, saying that while he rules the deep, the earth is a kind of no-man's land where any god can busy himself. Her reply turns away wrath.

"And must I then (said she), O sire of floods!Bear this fierce answer to the king of gods?Correct it yet, and change thy rash intent;A noble mind disdains not to repent.To elder brothers guardian fiends are given,To scourge the wretch insulting them and heaven."