"A Green Old Age"

Context: At the funeral games of Patroclus, friend of Achilles, slain in battle when mistaken for that sulking warrior, Odysseus wins the foot race in competition with Ajax and Antilochus. Athene intervenes in her favorite's behalf, causing Ajax to slip in the blood of the sacrificial ox, thus forcing Antilochus, youngest of the three, even farther behind. Ajax says bitterly that the goddess has hampered him in his running, standing at the side of her favorite, Odysseus, as she has always done. Antilochus, anxious to avert a quarrel, then pays tribute to the older competitors:

"Why with our wiser elders should we strive!
The gods still love them, and they always thrive.
Ye see, to Ajax I must yield the prize:
He to Ulysses, still more aged and wise;
(A green old age, unconscious of decays,
That proves the hero born in better days!)"