Ignatius Sancho Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))


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Considers the literary contributions of Sancho and Ottobah Cogoano against the background of eighteenth-century British attitudes.

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Places Sancho in historical perspective and finds that, while he was assimilated into eighteenth-century British culture, he was acutely aware of his status and ambiguous position as a Black man.

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Pamphlet that criticizes literary approaches to Sancho's life and work.

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Offers an overview of Sancho's life and the Letters.

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A popular introduction to the eighteenth-century Black community in England that provides an overview of Sancho's life, attitudes, and achievements.

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A comprehensive account of the antislavery literature of the eighteenth century that is often critical of the movement; includes several brief discussions of Sancho and his place in British literature.

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Reprints fourteen letters attributed to Sancho.

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Contains a chapter titled “Ignatius Sancho and Laurence Sterne: The Measure of Benevolence and the ‘Cult of Sensibility’,” which provides a reading of Sancho's letters in relation to the writings of Sterne.