What is your opinion on the poem 'If' by Rudyard Kipling?

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I agree with the values that Kipling is arguing for in this poem and I like the way he tells us to be strong, determined and thoughtful. I agree with these values and think they are good to have; I think that all people should live this way.

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I like this poem because I agree with the way in which the speaker defines what it means to be a "man."  (I do not think these values are more masculine than feminine though -- I think it would be good if all people were like this.)

I was raised...

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to value the idea that you try your best in every situation and that you do not give up no matter what people say about you.  You need to be stoic and to take the good things that happen along with the bad.  I think that this is a good way for human beings to live.  We need to be decisive and determined.  We need to do what we think is right and disregard the opinions of other people once we are sure that we are doing the right thing.

I think Kipling is arguing for these values and I agree with them so I like the poem.

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It sounds to me that this is going to have to be a personal reflection on Kipling's poem.  I think that few, if any, could effectively compose a response on this because in the end, your thoughts are your own.  Yet, I think that a couple of guiding questions could be asked here that might be able to help you compose your own response on the thoughts you had on the poem.  The first question I would ask would be how you felt after reading it?  Was the meaning of the poem clear to you?  After reading the poem, did you feel that you were able to fully understand what the poet wanted you to understand?  If so, what did you get out of the poem?  If not, where in the poem were you confused?  From whatever message you obtained from the poem, did you agree with it?  Explaining why you did or did not agree with what was being said might also be a good way for you to compose your thoughts on Kipling's work.  Finally, I would identify the line in the poem that stuck with you the most and allowed you to think in the broadest possible of ways.  In analyzing this line, a greater connection will be formed between you and the text.

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