If I Stay Characters
by Gayle Forman

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If I Stay Characters

If I Stay is a young adult novel written by Gayle Forman. It was published in 2009. The novel tells the story of seventeen-year-old Mia Hall, who is in a coma following a car accident which has killed her parents and her brother, Teddy. The narrative structure moves from her present, as she lies comatose in the hospital, and her past.

Mia Hall
Mia Hall is the young protagonist in the novel. She is a gifted cello player and is hoping to attend Juilliard after she leaves school. She is extremely passionate about classical music despite growing up with unconventional parents who love punk rock. Mia is left in a coma following an accident that kills her parents and her brother, Teddy. The story is told from her point-of-view as she struggles to decide her own fate. Should she live, having to live with the burden of losing her parents and her brother? Or should she die, though this means leaving the rest of her loving family and her musical ambitions behind?

Adam Wilde
Adam Wilde is Mia’s rock musician boyfriend. He is much more confident than Mia, but he loves her sincerity, her kindness, and her uniqueness. When Adam shows an interest in her, Mia doesn’t really believe he is being sincere. But Adam proves his sincerity by taking her to see a cellist on their first date. It is Adam’s unconditional love which helps Mia make the decision to live.

Kim Schein
Kim Schein is Mia’s best friend. She is Jewish with a very strict mother. When Mia and Kim first meet, they hate each other; however, following a physical fight, they become friends. Kim is a very gifted photographer with dreams of working for National Geographic.

Kat Hall
Kat Hall is Mia’s mom. She is a very supportive and protective mother. Her and Mia’s dad married when they were twenty-three years old, and Kat gave birth to Mia soon after. Teddy was born ten years later. Kat works as a travel agent and is a passionate fan of punk rock music.

Denny Hall
Denny Hall is Mia’s dad. He is a middle school English teacher and a former musician. Denny left his band to take care of his family. Like Kat, Denny is very supportive of Mia’s musical gift.

Teddy Hall
Teddy Hall is Mia’s younger brother. He is eight years old at the time of the accident. He survives the crash but dies in hospital later that day.