Ibn Battuta Further Reading

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Further Reading

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)


Beckingham, Charles. “In Search of Ibn Battuta.” Asian Affairs: Journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs 8, no.3 (October 1977): 263-77.

Discusses his own discoveries while retracing part of Ibn Battuta's journey.

Davis, Dick. “Ibn Battuta.” The Paris Review, 27, no. 98 (winter 1985): 88.

Poetic tribute to Ibn Battuta.

Mackintosh-Smith, Tim. Travels with a Tangerine: A Journey in the Footnotes of Ibn Battutah. New York: Welcome Rain Publishers, 351 p.

Contemporary travel diary that offers an account of the exploration of some of the remains of the places and things Ibn Battuta saw and recounted.

Additional coverage of Ibn Battuta's life and career is contained in the following source published by the Gale Group: World Literature and Its Times, Vol. 2.